Iwc Schaffhausen Join Hands With The 2017 Beijing International Film Festival To Support The New Generation Of Films To Help The Future Of Chinese Cinema

March 28, 2017, Beijing-In 2017, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) for the fifth time, Honored as the designated watch brand and official timepiece partner of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival. As the two parties enter the fifth year together, IWC and Beijing International Film Festival further upgrade their cooperation to support the new generation of Chinese films. During the Beijing International Film Festival, IWC, which has deep connections with film art, will once again host a filmmaker’s night with the theme of “Time Passing on • The Movie of the Love of Cinema” as an important long-term support for the Chinese film industry. section.

In 2017, IWC will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival for the fifth time and become the designated watch brand and official timepiece partner of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival.

IWC joins hands with Beijing International Film Festival again: focusing on young filmmakers • helping the future of film
   In China’s fast-growing film market, the unique perspectives and creativity of the new generation of film will undoubtedly inject unlimited vitality into the Chinese film industry and shape the current and future of film art. This year, IWC once again joined hands with the Beijing International Film Festival to focus on the younger generation of Chinese filmmakers, extend the beauty of time and art from a new perspective, and tap the new talents of the Chinese film industry with unlimited potential. At that time, IWC brand ambassadors, brand friends and well-known Chinese and foreign filmmakers will appear at the filmmaker’s evening banquet to witness the birth of ‘IWC Outstanding Young Filmmaker of the Year’. Building a dream road and a dream journey, IWC and the future filmmakers go forward side by side, and then climb the artistic peak.
   Looking back over the past four years, IWC’s filmmaker’s night has become a shining movie event during the Beijing International Film Festival. Since the first cooperation between the two parties in 2013, IWC has awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award to Chinese filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to China and the international film industry every year. So far, this heavyweight award has been awarded to Zhang Yimou, a well-known Chinese director and the fifth generation of directors; Feng Xiaogang, a famous Chinese director and screenwriter; Chen Kexin, a famous Hong Kong director and producer; and Qin Yi, a legendary filmmaker and a famous performing artist in China.
IWC supports global film industry development
   Adhering to its passion for film art, IWC collaborates with several well-known international film festivals to present the cause of film industry in various countries with the grand ‘IWC Filmmaker’s Night’ and praise the outstanding achievements of outstanding filmmakers.
   Globally, IWC spares no effort to support the future development of international young filmmakers. In 2014, IWC partnered with the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to provide two talented young filmmakers with $ 100,000 in grants and professional support. In 2016, IWC teamed up with the British Film Institute and announced for British filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach. ‘IWC New Filmmaker Award’ and sponsors a prize of 50,000 pounds to assist its future film career. In addition, there are many shining stars in the Singapore International Film Festival, Zurich International Film Festival and Dubai International Film Festival supported by IWC.
   At the Beijing International Film Festival in 2016, IWC brought together many Chinese and foreign filmmakers to look back at the beginning of the screen and pay tribute to the glorious century of Chinese film. This year, ‘IWC Filmmaker Night’ will lead us to the future of film art and follow China. New directors and young filmmakers enjoy a feast of fine watchmaking and the light of the screen.