Secretive And Timeless—beauty’s Timepiece For The Father

Different fathers have different personalities, enthusiastic or deep, and express deep emotions. Father used to hide his sincere love in his heart with an implicit and restrained attitude, turning it into precious wealth, which he passed down to future generations. It is just like the concept that Baodi has been adhering to, inheriting the classics, pioneering and innovating, and welcoming the attention of the world with an elegant attitude. Since the beginning of the creation of the brand in 1775, Breguet has focused on winning the world’s recognition for its exquisite watchmaking technology and innovative design. Classic elegance and timelessness are the consistent evaluation of Breguet. Choosing the best timepieces for your father is the perfect choice for your father.
Yong Yong Shen High-end men’s choice

   The 5497, the first complication watch from the HÉRITAGE series, has a low-key appearance, and the dial is decorated with engraved patterns, adding a touch of retroness and elegance to the model. The timepiece itself is proud of its exquisite design: the dual-axis curved surface fits the wrist better, and the case, as a feature of this series, has become a constant challenge for Breguet watchmakers and engineers. The double-curved surface created by this exquisite craftsmanship is also applied to the dial.
   On the finely crafted silver-plated gold dial, the tourbillon first appears, and the aesthetic details are clear at a glance, highlighting the technical characteristics of the timepiece. The hour ring is carefully cut, like a layer of light lace on a hand-engraved curved dial. The layer of Roman numerals with embossed lace, which is carved in one piece, delicately fits with the edges, strengthening the structure of the watch. The tourbillon cage also emerged as a time marker at 6 o’clock. The Breguet 187 basic movement has been improved to better meet the strict requirements of timepieces. Choosing such a profound timepiece for my father just matched the able temperament of his father’s overall elite.
Extraordinary creativity

Breguet heritage series TRADITION CHRONOGRAPHE INDEPENDANT 7077 chronograph
   The chronograph, as a separate and complex function, already has a place in the watchmaking industry. In order to prevent the timing function from interfering with the operation of the main gear train, Breguet has adopted two sets of independent gear trains in the Heritage Chronographe Indépendant 7077 series: one set for driving the hour and minute hands, and a pendulum with a frequency of 3 Hz Wheel adjustment, with a 55-hour power reserve; the other set of gear trains for timing functions uses a 5 Hz high-frequency balance wheel to ensure timing accuracy, and cooperates with the gear train responsible for time display.
   Breguet’s watchmakers have designed a special-shaped clockwork to ensure that it is always fully curled and flexible enough to provide extra power when the insurance is released. This application brought a series of related innovations to Breguet. The eccentric gear train is connected to the leaf spring to offset its torque, thereby ensuring that the amplitude and swing speed of the timing device remain stable. Breguet has applied for a patent for the spring and gear train. This gear train adopts a new shape that can stably output power after changing the previous bending range. In addition, the timekeeping function of this Breguet Tradition watch is controlled by two screw-in waterproof buttons. Unlike ordinary chronographs, one of these two buttons controls the start of timing, and the other controls the time reset to zero and resets the timing function. It is the latter’s return-to-zero function that tightens the leaf-shaped springs and stores power for the next time. The titanium balance wheel is also equipped with two braking devices on both sides. The first one is mounted on the cam. The balance wheel is released when the timing starts and the balance wheel is fastened when the timing stops. This design ensures that the balance wheel is always in the ideal position and can reach normal amplitude quickly. The innovative device has been patented, making it a model for innovation. Another feature of the Tradition series watches is the use of a transparent case back to display the main parts of the movement. Therefore, in order not to affect the overall appearance, although the frequency of the two balance wheels is different, Breguet chose the same size, and Aesthetic considerations use a symmetrical mounting position. The design is low-key and restrained, but it also enjoys watching. For mechanical enthusiasts, this is a perfect match.
Classic renovation, the first choice for elegant gentlemen

Breguet CLASSIQUE 7147
   At the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Breguet launched the classic series Classique 7147. This model is inspired by the decoration specifications of the early period of watchmaking. The appearance is simple and the design is exquisite. The masterpiece of carved flower skills is a classic of Breguet timepieces. The watch contains a 2.4mm ultra-thin mechanical automatic winding movement with an eccentric balance wheel. The manufacturing process of the ultra-thin movement is relatively difficult. Due to the extremely high precision, a slight impact may damage the wheel train. If you want to make an ultra-thin movement, you must consider it from the beginning of the entire design. It is also a challenge for watchmakers. The sapphire crystal caseback on the back of the watch gives a clear view of the precise mechanical structure of the timepiece.
   It is particularly worth mentioning that the decoration technology of the watch has the beauty that cannot be diluted by time, which is the indelible mark of the Breguet brand. The purpose of the watch decoration was originally to ensure that the function is intact, to prevent premature corrosion of metal materials, and to protect smooth or polished surfaces that are prone to nicks, scratches, or other external damage. In order to continue the glory, Breguet reinterprets traditional decoration techniques in the new Classique 7147 watch. The main dial is decorated with a ‘Paris spike’ pattern, and the small reverse dial at 5 o’clock is decorated with a wave pattern. Breguet-style blue-steel hands gently rotate around the Roman numerals to clearly indicate the hours and minutes. The 12 o’clock digital hour sign is etched with Breguet’s invisible signature on both sides, highlighting the authentic Breguet pedigree of the watch. Classic elegance, this is the best choice for the gentleman’s father.

Meidao All Dial Series 90th Anniversary Limited Edition

2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of MIDO. In order to celebrate this event, the Swiss watch factory launched the All Dial Chronometer limited automatic model which has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). This sporty and elegant design is limited to 900 watches worldwide. The unique PVD rose gold lugs and scales, the PVD black case and the black carbon fiber faceplate show the original art style, absolutely All consumers are at first sight.
MIDO launched the first All Dial series in 2002 and has become one of the hallmarks of MIDO. This year, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of MIDO, we have added a new color to the All Dial series. We have launched a special design of the All Dial Chronometer automatic mechanical limited edition, which is limited to 900 pieces worldwide.
The All Dial series continues the spirit of MIDO, providing customers with classic watches that are not afraid of the test of time, and shows the exquisite and perfect style of the ancient Roman arena. The All Dial series inherits the famous arena structure and architectural ingenuity. The case uses the arena of the arena as the design source. The dial occupies the surface of the entire watch and reproduces the traces of Roman architecture. The series of watches are highly open and easy to read, and create a great visual feast while recording the passage of time.
All Dial Chronometer automatic mechanical limited edition models, both elegant and sporty appearance show infinite charm. Overall, it is dominated by black: a rubber strap, a black PVD stainless steel case, and a carbon fiber dial that appear in the fine PVD rose gold on the lugs, buckles, scales, numbers and hands, and further on the hands Polished using beveled diamonds. Through the distribution and contrast of colors, the original art watch in the eyes of fans is created.