In-depth Evaluation Of Cartier Calibre Multi-time Zone Watch

People have long realized that the sunrise and sunset times in different regions are different. When distance is no longer an issue for people to communicate, the issue of time is highlighted.

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Multi Time Zone Watch
必备 Traveler Essentials-Cartier Calibre de Cartier Multi-Time Zone Watch
People have long realized that the sunrise and sunset times are different in different regions, such as when Beijing is 12 noon and London is 4 am. When distance is no longer an issue for people, the issue of time is highlighted. In 1884, the International Meridian Conference was held in Washington, and the world was officially divided into 24 time zones. Countries have since adopted world time. At the same time, watchmakers are fiercely competing to develop watches that can display time in multiple time zones. Cartier is no exception. The Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch, which was unveiled at the 21st Geneva Watch Fair, is a leader in this field. This is a veritable must-have watch for travellers, and a sweet gift from Cartier to business travelers. This watch has three highlights:
One of them is the clear and easy to read multi-time zone display.
Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch provides all practical information for travelers. The sun and moon symbols on the dial below the center of the watch indicate the time of departure and the main hand of the watch indicates the time of destination.
The second highlight is the city dial on the side of the watch.
目的地 You can enlarge the destination display through the magnifying glass on the side, this design can avoid the inconvenience caused by the dial because of too many instructions. As long as you press the turn button, you can read the time of 24 reference time zone cities. Each time you press the turn button, you can display each city and the corresponding time, and the corresponding time between the reference city and the travel city.
的 The last major innovation of the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch is the ability to switch between summer and winter time. During the five months when daylight saving time is implemented, you can switch between daylight saving time and winter time by simply reading different levels of time on the city dial.
Such convenient and clever functions are derived from the powerful core of Calibre de Cartier watches-9909 MC automatic mechanical movement. The 9909 MC movement is completely developed and manufactured by Cartier Workshop. It is the first movement with multi-time zone function in Cartier’s advanced watchmaking series. It is also a movement specifically designed for travelers with multi-time zone and city display. Dial, (departure) day / night and time difference indication function.
Not only the inner core is strong, the shape of the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch is even more impressive. It has all the classic elements of Cartier watches: Roman numerals, ‘minute track’ scale, blue steel hands and convex round sapphire. The 45 mm case is extremely male-oriented, and the raised bezel on the case is soft and smooth, in sharp contrast to the strong case. It slopes naturally at 28 degrees to the dial and extends up to 120 dials. The fine details are reminiscent of clock gears. The bezel extends to the dial, the huge Roman numeral 12, the crown shoulders and the side magnifying glass at 9 o’clock are impressive.

Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device watch
Challenge gravity-Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device watch
Gravity is the foundation of human survival, but it is also the culprit that causes the time error of the watch. Gravity can shift the center of gravity of the balance with the hairspring, causing the watch to be inaccurate. Controlling gravity has always been one of the biggest challenges for watchmakers. Seeing ‘challenge gravity’, 80% of our minds think of the word ‘tourbillon’. Yes, the tourbillon is the oldest and most common way to overcome this problem. The tourbillon frame rotates once a minute, and it passes through all the centers of gravity by rotating as much as possible, and offsets the influence of gravity to avoid the running deviation when the watch is in the vertical position. So, besides the tourbillon, is there any other way to solve the effect of gravity on the watch?
For this question, Cartier gave a perfect answer in 2011, that is, Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device watch. Abandoning the tourbillon, this watch uses a new method to challenge gravity. This is the 9800 MC movement developed by Cartier. So what’s so special about the 9800MC movement?

9800 MC movement
First, it is an alternative solution to the problem of gravity.
9800 MC movement is a movement that can replace the tourbillon. Since the isochronism of the vibration depends on the regularity of the vibrator frequency, and this regularity will be disturbed by the gravity of the earth, the ideal situation is to ensure that the vibrator always has only one center of gravity regardless of the vertical state. Based on this principle, Cartier conceived an innovative anti-gravity system, that is, using the ‘rotor’ component to return it to the same vertical position every time. On the 9800 MC movement, the escapement, the rotor and the small second hand are driven by the rotor, and the rotor can always return to the same position, thereby avoiding the adverse effect of gravity on the timing when the watch is in the vertical position. By adjusting the action of the oscillating weight in this fixed position, the watchmaker was able to make the working platform of the Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device movement, no matter what vertical state, the gravity can avoid interference with the timing. This is a major innovation in watch design. Compared with the simple tourbillon frame, the rotor can drive and carry five times more parts than the tourbillon frame.
Second, its differential technology system ensures continuous and accurate timing.
Wrist movement brings different strength to the escapement. However, these powers must be corrected to ensure that the escapement runs at a constant speed, which is a necessary condition for accurate watch timing. Therefore, senior watch designers invented a system consisting of two differentials that converts the power transmitted by the wrist to a constant speed, ensuring the regular movement of the second hand with the rotor, and especially ensuring the accurate timing of the watch.
Third, it is equipped with platinum inertia weight can be used to automatically wind the movement.
The rotor is equipped with a platinum inertia weight, which can return to the same position by its own weight to ensure automatic winding. This is a unique two-way winding mechanism: the movement can be wound no matter which direction the rotor is rotated.
To complement this unique movement, Cartier equips it with a 50 mm diameter niobium titanium case. Niobium titanium weighs only 55 grams and is comfortable to wear. Although the freestyle escapement makes the watch more susceptible to collision damage, the niobium titanium case can offset the impact of the collision as much as possible. Because of the physical properties of the niobium-titanium alloy, severe impact can be converted into the same energy, but it is softer and more cushioned. Previously, niobium-titanium alloys were only used on ID One de Cartier concept watches.

Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
Powerful, lightweight, atmospheric and comfortable-Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
This unique watch has a large diameter of 47 mm to offset its weight with extremely lightweight titanium, and the surface of the case and movement are carefully modified. A masterpiece of Cartier’s fine watchmaking, limited edition of 100 pieces.
AsThe Astrotourbillon celestial tourbillon movement, which was introduced in 2010, was developed by Cartier Workshop for five years, and has now become the source of power for the Calibre de Cartier watch series. The 9451MC movement has a tourbillon frame with built-in escapement and balance springs. Like a traditional tourbillon, this frame is driven by a third gear in a gear transmission system. The escapement wheel system relies on the escapement pinion to rotate around the fixed second hand gear (the fourth gear in the gear transmission system).
As can be seen from the name of this watch, Astrotourbillon’s celestial rotating tourbillon is his most watchful part. Like the climax of a wonderful movie, it must be missed. This astronomical tourbillon, called Astrotourbillon, stands out because of its several unique characteristics.

Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon
First of all, its frame is located in the center of the movement, so a special axis of rotation is required. For this reason, from the dual barrel of the movement to the display of the hour and minute hands, the entire gear transmission system must be redesigned.
Secondly, the balance wheel and escape wheel of the Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon are not set on the rotation axis of the frame, but on one side of the frame, which is aligned with the rotation axis. It is this special design that creates a unique visual effect for the watch.
Finally, the entire tourbillon frame is located above the movement in the middle of the two dials, instead of being directly integrated with the movement like a traditional tourbillon. The central design of this tourbillon is unprecedented, and it has the dual effects of aesthetics and technology. Visually, the slender frame rotates around the entire dial every minute, and the eccentric balance bridge is designed in the shape of an arrow to indicate the number of seconds. Technically, to ensure the balance of the frame, a platinum balance weight was added on the other side of the frame, hidden under the central dial. In order to effectively control the inertia generated during rotation, the weight of the frame must be limited (the total weight of the frame is 0.39 grams, excluding the weight of the balance weight). Therefore, lightweight titanium is used as the material.

Beauty Blue Sea Wave Men’s Watch

Baucher Lay Blue Ocean Wave Men’s Watch
This watch is most prominently displayed by the dial-back hour on the timer. Each revolution of the central chronograph hand moves the minute timer at 9 o’clock by one tick. After the hand passes a circle, the power will be transmitted to the hour timer set between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock through a well-designed transmission mechanism, and the hour hand will move down the semicircular scale . When the hour timer hand moves to the last scale, it immediately jumps back to its original position and begins a new journey again. Callback display is exactly the biggest feature of Plavi ChronoGrade different from traditional timers.
Another outstanding quality is reflected in the fly-back function. The timer can be restarted by pressing a button without stopping the operation. The dual-window display of power reserve and date complements the perfect functions of this unique timepiece. After winding, the disc rotates in a clockwise direction. When the mainspring chain is released, the hands on the disc move in a natural direction (clockwise), that is, the hands are not dial-back. For the first time, Bucherer integrated this sophisticated technology, combined with a timer, a large calendar display, and a barrel-shaped case, to create the Plavi T-Graph. It is worth noting the minute circle in the timing function. The timer scale is located on the inner edge, and the stop-seconds hand can be read quickly with an accuracy of 1/4 second.

Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz New Micro-painted Enamel Watch Condensing Hundred Years Of Skill

Jaquet Droz combines exquisite craftsmanship to fix the beauty of nature on the ivory enamel dial, so that it will bloom forever. The new masterpiece of micro-painted enamel-35 mm micro-painted blue bird and micro-painted koi hour and minute dial watch, full color, delicate strokes, meaning auspicious, draw on the Chinese painting style to condense centuries of skills, showing nobility Elegant.
35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute dial
Nature has always been Jacques Dro’s inspirational muse, and the tit from the founder Mr. Pierre Jacques Dro’s hometown, the Jura region of Switzerland, is the eternal theme that Jacques Dro strives for. This year, the watchmaker used a new creative approach to draw on the essence of Chinese painting to create a 35mm micro-painted blue tit bird hour and minute dial. The delicate and beautiful enamel painting technology is applied on the large ivory large-fire enamel dial, which delicately outlines the muscle lines of the blue tit, shiny feathers, and buckles, which is fantastic. The tits entwined on the crunchy tender branches or spread their wings to fly, or sing lightly and sing, the posture is lifelike. The overall picture of the dial is fresh and elegant, the white space of the large space and the bright color of the blue wings and yellow belly of the tits perfectly blend and complement each other. The watch’s bezel and lugs are set with sparkling diamonds, which add a touch of luxury to the woman who wears it.

35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute dial, limited edition of 28 pieces

Micro-painted Koi hour and minute dial
Jacques Dro’s watchmaker draws inspiration from the koi swimming in the summer lotus pond, and vividly draws a beautiful picture of ‘Suddenly listening to the sound of koi hitting the water, leaping into the clear water’ with vivid and beautiful colors and delicate strokes Painting. On the dial, the rich and rich color of Koi and the water-lily water lily are exquisite, the mood is quiet, and even the treatment of flowing water is very layered. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that ‘the carp jumps over the dragon gate’. Yu Renfei flew Huang Tengda. And ‘the mud is out of the mud but not stained, the lotus flower is not a monster’ is a symbol of elegance and bright festivals. Today, Jacques de Lo presents this beautifully embellished painting on the dial, and the more noble wearer brings the blessing of ‘good luck with you’.

Micro-painted Koi hour and minute pin dial, limited edition of 28 pieces

Athens Watch Grand Launch Of Limited Edition Perpetual Calendar Watch

The Swiss Athens Perpetual Calendar watch was shocked and attracted much attention once it was launched in 1996. With its iconic original features, multiple versions since then have been favored by collectors.

  GMT ± Perpetual Calendar watch is a perfect combination of two unique and powerful practical functions of the brand. It is a revolutionary invention unique to the brand. It is the world’s first perpetual calendar watch that can be adjusted in both directions with a single crown. .

   This year, Athens Watch launched this limited edition perpetual calendar watch specifically for its store. As the brand’s most exquisitely designed perpetual calendar watch, it has a very elegant blue surface and is equipped with a UN-32 homemade movement, which makes it uniquely attractive.

Technical Information
Model: 329-10 / 93-BQ
Limited: 250 pieces
Movement: UN-32 movement, 34 stones
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Winding method: automatic winding movement, won the Swiss official observatory certification (C.O.S.C)
Function: Perpetual calendar function, single crown adjusts all functions;
Central time display in the second time zone, patented hour hand quick adjustment device;
The third hand indicates the home time;
Patent dual window large date display
Case: Platinum
Size: 43mm
Surface: blue
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Crown: waterproof crown
Strap: crocodile leather strap with folding buckle

In The Name Of The Moon, Praise The Mid-autumn Festival, Roger Dubuis, Presenting The Monte Carlo Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch

Yuehua is burning, miss the ripples into the sea, starry, invite Yuehao to the top. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, Roger Dubuis presents the La Monégasque player series moon phase perpetual calendar watch, allowing Xingyue and time to meet romantically on the wrist. This watch draws inspiration from the player’s point of view, has a unique design without losing its elegance, innovation and boldness, but also has traditional colors. The novel imitation casino dial design is refreshing, showing the moonlight style of Monte Carlo between square inches. Based on the breathtaking mechanical design, Roger Dubuis is committed to the perfect fusion of precision mechanism and noble fashion, transcending the unique encounter of top watchmaking and moonlight circulation.

La Monégasque moon phase perpetual calendar watch rddbmg0006

   Its elegant shape and long-lasting time, its chic lines open up a wide field of vision, and its natural natural elegance represents the era in which refined elegance is necessary for the art of living. This watch has a unique barrel-shaped case, and the shiny and bright rose gold case is adorned with a black PVD-treated titanium bezel, which sets out the exquisite and beautiful outline. A round of golden moon in the moon phase display is inlaid in the blue night sky to show the romantic feeling. The beauty of the moon phase is displayed in the craftsmanship. Through the transparent sapphire caseback, you can perfectly enjoy 4 different automatic functions. Chain drive. The extremely complex perpetual calendar function creates a huge achievement of miniature time between square inches, mastering the week, month, date, leap year and moon phases. The watch’s RD821J movement, as the working heart, is engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark, which exemplifies the extremely creative modern spirit for top-level watchmaking.

Reference price: 514,000RMB

   All Geneva watchmakers Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva Seal certification standard.

Trendy And Precision Hamilton Jazz Lady Watch

Hamilton ladies’ watches are from the beginning of the 20th century. This year, Hamilton launched the new Jazz Lady Automatic. Let’s take a look together.

 Technical parameters Diameter: 30 mm Material: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-tone dial: silver / mother-of-pearl strap: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-color (quick-release strap) movement: 2671 automatic Winding mechanical movement, another quartz movement is available. Mirror: anti-glare coating sapphire waterproof: 50 meters suggested retail price: 6150-7700 yuan


 Hamilton Jazz Lady Automatic Watch (HAMILTONJAZZMASTERLADYAUTO) rounded dial into the oval case, with teardrop-shaped lugs and scales. This series of watches has a variety of styles. The mother-of-pearl dial has a gorgeous style. Each of the 12 slender teardrop-shaped scales is set with a sparkling diamond and a polished stainless steel strap. Rose gold-plated style and rose gold stainless steel two-color style, the color is warm and elegant, keeping up with fashion trends. The quick-release strap design is practical and intimate, and women can easily remove and replace the strap to match their different looks and moods.
 This watch showcases the multifaceted charm of contemporary women who are pursuing trendy style and precise timekeeping.

Classic Elegance Is Still Colorful And Fascinating

New Omega Constellation Women’s Diamond Watches in purple, blue and white tones, Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Coaxial Escapement Chronograph Watch and Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Coaxial Escapement GMT Chronograph Watch, New Watches show a different and infinite charm.

   Omega specially recommends five Valentine’s gifts that are more durable than flowers and sweeter than chocolate candy. The classic elegance is still colorful and fascinating! The new Omega Constellation series ladies watches in purple, blue and white tones, Omega seahorse The Aqua Terra coaxial escapement chronograph watch and the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra coaxial escapement GMT chronograph watch, the new watch shows the charm of different lovers.
New Omega Constellation Women’s Diamond Watch (Purple)

First recommended are the new Omega Constellation watches in purple and blue. The two new Omega Constellation women’s diamond watches are different from the previous bold color and luxury design. They are amazing and rare. Seen in purple or frayed blue, elegantly record every minute of luxury time.

New Omega Constellation Women’s Diamond Watch (Small Blue Watch)

The bezel is inlaid with 34 beautiful bezels, and the hour markers are replaced by diamonds. A date window is set at 6 o’clock, and the purple or blue dial is decorated with a star radiation as the center. Textured with a purple or blue alligator strap, and equipped with an Omega 1532 quartz movement.

New Omega Constellation Women’s Diamond Watch (White Model)

Another new white Omega Constellation women’s diamond watch, also equipped with an Omega 1532 quartz movement, the dial and bezel are made of pure white.

The hour markers are also presented in diamonds. The polished bezel is set with a beautiful or matte bezel with Roman numerals treated with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The dial is also centered on the three-dimensional star emblem, an indispensable constellation. The diffused, diffused texture matches the white alligator strap perfectly. These two new Omega Constellation series are luxurious and compelling, their gorgeous appearance and precise internal timepiece function bring a luxurious feast to watch fans. And she will always cherish her Omega Constellation women’s diamond watch, this watch with both elegant and stylish sports.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph

另外 The other two Valentine’s Day gifts recommended by Omega are the latest members of the Aqua Terra family of seahorses, which have been enthusiastically embraced by watch lovers since their launch in 2009: the first is the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra coaxial escapement chronograph watch.

Equipped with Omega’s exclusive 3313 coaxial escapement automatic winding movement, coupled with a cardless balance spring and column wheel timing mechanism, not only can provide accurate and stable timing, but its accuracy has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC ). The dial design continues the ‘deck’ vertical texture with the concept of a luxury yacht, and there are four different case materials with different color dials to choose from: 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, stainless steel, or 18K rose gold with stainless steel two-color models. Also available are Omega’s patented screw and chain combination bracelets or integrated crocodile leather straps that perfectly match the case material.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Coaxial Escape GMT Chronograph

Another is for those who need to travel frequently in different time zones, or who need to know the time on the other side of the world when conducting international business.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra coaxial escapement GMT chronograph watch can meet the needs of business people. Provides practical GMT function: 18K rose gold or stainless steel GMT bezel with black PVD ring and 24-hour scale, can be used simultaneously to track different Time zone; combined with Omega’s exclusive 3603 coaxial escapement movement, cardless balance spring and column wheel timing device, it can provide outstanding long-term stability. Although the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra coaxial escapement GMT chronograph watch is reminiscent of the unique design of a luxury yacht and a relaxed leisurely pace of life, the chronograph function of this model and the GMT hands make it perfect for any busy In modern life

Jacques Hong Kong 80th Anniversary Exhibition Review

Jaeger-LeCoultre, the top Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, held the 80th anniversary exhibition of the brand Reverso series in the underground lobby of Hong Kong Harbour City, and was divided into nine counters, including a movement treasure house that witnessed history , Brand antiques, women’s jewelry, new Ultra Thin watches, Squadra series watches, women’s Squadra watches, enamel micro-painting, ultra-high-precision complex structure, and inscribed personal memories of nine themes.

    As one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most legendary stars, the Reverso watch, which can be turned lightly on both sides, originated in 1931, when the British army stationed in India hoped to have a watch used in the fierce competition of polo. The brand created this simple yet chic design. In this exhibition, Jaeger-LeCoultre is ingenious. From the exhibited Reverso Calibre collection box, it can be seen that there are more than thirty historical movements that contain the brainchild of the artisans and watchmakers of the past. In addition, in order to make the exhibition more successful, the brand specially transported a number of antique Reverso treasures from the Swiss factory for appreciation, and also displayed Grande Reverso Ultra Thin watches, Reverso Squadra watches, Reverso Squadra Lady ladies wrist watches. Watches and many other brand new and classic styles. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exquisite craftsmanship of enamel micro-painting and ultra-high-precision complex structures, such as the Reverso & agrave; & eacute; clipses hidden painted enamel watch, the world’s first spherical tourbillon GyroTOURBILLON watch, Reverso grande complication & agrave; triptyque watches on three sides are also presented one by one in the exhibition.

Traditional Watchmaking Classic Tissot Nostalgic Classic Series 1936 Replica Watch

Tissot Nostalgia Classic Series 1936 replica watch is a reinterpretation of a classic series launched by Tissot in 1936. Its design inspiration can be traced back to the watch revolution of the 1930s, when watches were gradually replacing pocket watches and began to dominate the market, this new product is a tribute to this kind of advancement. After the tragic and unprecedented World War I, men began to abandon pocket watches in favor of practicality in favor of wearing watches. The watchmaker initially attempted to weld arched buckles on the sides of the case of the pocket watch to attach the strap from the back to create a watch that can be worn on the wrist. Tissot nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch uses this method of production.

 The high-quality brown leather strap is stitched with delicate creamy white stitching to restore its original appearance. This process also strengthens the strap. After removing the strap, the back cover can be opened to watch the beautiful movement of the movement. The case back can also be used for engraving personalized text and decoration. Vintage hands are reminiscent of the luxury watchmaking of yesteryear. Today, such a watch is bound to stand out. This is the moment to show your personality.

Technical Parameters
• Made in Switzerland
• Manually wound mechanical movement
• 316L stainless steel case, full case back
• Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
• Water resistance: 5 bar pressure
• Leather strap with standard buckle
• Table diameter: 45 mm

Sports Breath Brief Comment On Mido Helmsman Series Multifunctional Sports Chronograph Watch

Mido Helmsman series has always been synonymous with high quality. Since its birth more than 80 years ago, it has brought countless masterpieces with both classic design and powerful functions. Now launching the helmsman series of multifunctional sports chronograph watches, this watch combines sports style and exquisite craftsmanship, the appearance blends the classic and sports elements of the helmsman series, giving the connotation of the helmsman series and modern sports style. In a few days, the watch home will bring you a taste of this Mido helmsman series multifunctional sports chronograph watch. The official model of the watch is: M025.627.11.061.

   Since its establishment in Switzerland in 1918, Mido has always insisted on practical functions rather than following the trend. With a price close to the people, Mido quickly occupied half of the domestic entry-level mechanical watches. Mido also has excellent watchmaking technology and a glorious history, which are reflected in its watches.

   This watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 44 mm and a dark gray dial with Geneva stripes. It stands out in the cold, and the ceramic speed bezel on the outer ring looks complicated and mysterious. The bracelet of the watch is also made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.

   The crown of the watch is a screw-in crown design, which is more conducive to the waterproofing of the watch. The crown of the watch is also a sawtooth design, which is more convenient to twist and adjust, and is engraved on the crown. There is Mido classic logo. Above the crown is the timing start button, which controls the start and stop of timing, and below it is the timing reset button.

   The watch is made of a stainless steel bracelet with a brushed finish, which is beautiful and fashionable, and is sufficient to deal with the scratches generated during the wearing of the watch.

   The designer of the Mido helmsman series draws inspiration from the classic design and structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The case diameter of the Mido helmsman series multifunctional sports chronograph watch is 44 mm, which shows the magnificent momentum just like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The dial follows the helmsman. The series of classic vertical Geneva ripples, as if the waves are constantly flowing under the Harbour Bridge, are full of dynamics.

The watch is made of a stainless steel bracelet, and the watch clasp is a classic butterfly buckle design, which is simple and convenient to wear.

   The transparent bottom cover clearly shows the carefully carved Geneva ripples and MIDO logo on the automatic rotor, and the movement decorated with blue screws is delicate and exquisite, providing strong power for precise movement. The watch is equipped with Caliber 60 automatic movement, up to 60 hours. The support of super power reserve makes the multi-function chronograph more durable and powerful, providing you with a continuous power reserve.

Summary: This Mido helmsman series complex chronograph is designed with a diameter of 44mm. The dial chronograph second hand and the integer minute scale are all designed in orange. Orange is the classic tone of Mido, which becomes a bright embellishment on the dial. The black dial jumps to the red hands, the white scale is dotted with red, and is super-LumiNova® luminous treatment, which adds joyful feelings and brings convenience to readings.