Double Best: Seiko’s Next Generation ‘5x Series’ Is Born

Asiko series under Seiko Seiko continues the name of Astron, the world’s first quartz watch published by Seiko in December 1969, and launched the world’s first Seiko Astron GPS solar watch in 2012. Astron has evolved again this year. Introduced a new generation of ‘5X series’. The time zone correction speed is only 3 seconds at the fastest, and the time switching function between the two places is added. At the same time, it is also the world’s thinnest GPS solar pointer watch. The powerful function will be modern and compact The precise choice for business people everywhere. In addition, to commemorate the birth of the 5X series, SeikoAstron also launched the annual limited edition model “SUPERNOVA”, just like the dazzling spark caused by the supernova during the evolution of the universe’s stars, symbolizing the birth of each Astron series The horological world has brought shocking creations, and this announcement is expected to once again create a new realm of ‘absolute precision’.

SeikoAstron ‘5X Series’ (SSH003J1) titanium case, ceramic bezel, diameter 42.9 mm, hours, minutes, date, day of the week, perpetual calendar, power reserve display, two places time, GPS satellite positioning, world time (39 time zone) Daylight saving time (DST), flight mode, power saving mode (full power for about 2 years), 5X53GPS solar movement, full power for about 6 months, sapphire crystal glass surface, titanium metal combined with ceramic chain.
 Since the SeikoAstron GPS solar watch first appeared in 2012, it not only caused a sensation around the world, but also dropped a technological shock for the watch industry. In 2014, SeikoAstron released a smaller and simpler ‘8X Series’, which is also the first time to be installed in The models with time and timing functions, more practical and diversified models immediately attracted worldwide attention. In the autumn and winter of 2018, SeikoAstron has evolved again, with a new ‘5X Series’, which provides the most advanced functions to date. It is also by far the world’s smallest and thinnest GPS solar watch. This announcement is expected to lead the history of watches and clocks to the next level of ‘absolute accuracy’.
Correct the time zone in three seconds and combine the fast switching function of the two places.
 The ‘5X Series’ has undergone a comprehensive transformation and upgrade of the GPS module. The hour, minute, and second hands not only operate independently and are equipped with high-speed motors, achieving the ‘high-speed time zone correction function’ that can be completed in as little as 3 seconds. And press the 2 and 4 o’clock buttons at the same time to start the ‘two places time switching function’, you can instantly exchange the local time and the second place time, making the operation and response more sensitive and intuitive, for people who often travel around the world It is a great gospel. The powerful movement is equipped with a newly developed ultra-low-power GPS module circuit, which consumes only 1/2 the power of the previous generation movement. With the solar charging system and the movement itself being miniaturized, the ‘5X series’ It can be said to be the world’s thinnest but most powerful GPS solar pointer watch.

Newly developed ‘SmartAdjuster’ quick-adjusting strap design to improve long-term wearing comfort.
Smart sensor upgrade, time automatic correction and evolution
 The new 5X series watches are also equipped with ‘Smart Sensing (Automatic Time Correction)’, which is Seiko’s exclusive technology. As long as the faceplate is exposed to sunlight, it can automatically receive GPS satellite radio waves. Compared with the 8X series, the automatic time correction is performed once a day. It evolved to twice a day. As long as it is under the sky, it can be connected to one or more GPS satellites, and the accuracy can reach an error of only one second in 100,000 years. Even if the watch can’t see the sky, it can remember the last time it successfully received the time signal and automatically try to receive it.
 In addition, for travelers who need to wear a watch for a long time, the newly developed fast-adjustable strap design ‘SmartAdjuster’ can adjust the strap finely according to the seasonal temperature or body change by pressing the button next to the buckle To a suitable length, the wearing comfort is greatly improved. After a significant upgrade in both functionality and comfort, the SeikoAstron5X is definitely the perfect timepiece of choice for travelers worldwide.

SeikoAstron ‘5X Series’ (SSH007J1) titanium case, ceramic bezel, diameter 42.9 mm, hour, minute, date, day of the week, perpetual calendar, power reserve display, time between two places (switching), GPS satellite positioning, world time ( 39 time zone), daylight saving time (DST), flight mode, power saving mode (full power for about 2 years), 5X53GPS solar movement, full power for about 6 months, sapphire crystal glass surface, titanium metal combined with ceramic chain belt .
Annual limited edition “ SUPERNOVA ” bursts into the beauty of stars
 In order to commemorate the debut of the 5X series, the annual limited edition model ‘SUPERNOVA’ is specially launched. The design is inspired by the astronomical phenomenon of the supernova (SUPERNOVA) in the universe. It is a violent and violent explosion caused by the star during the evolution, showing the SeikoAstron series. During the continuous evolution of the watch, they have created a world-beating pioneering act like a supernova.

SeikoAstron ‘5X Series’ (SSH007J1).
 The sapphire crystal on the dark blue-based dial and the bezel of the watch are staggered to present a deep sense of the universe. With Astron’s unique three-dimensional rose gold scale, it looks like a dazzling star in the universe. ‘Mirror polishing’ fully expresses the unique cosmic tension and charm of SUPERNOVA. Seiko’s pursuit of perfection in watchmaking technology also allows Astron to reflect the look of high-end watches in every detail.

Frederique Constant Frederique Constant, The Travel Legend Of Elegant Men

Today, geographic boundaries are just a concept. We can get up in Geneva and have a morning meeting in London on the same day. And the best way to keep track of your daily busy schedule is to wear Frederique Constant’s classic automatic GMT watch. Frederique Constant’s classic automatic GMT time watch provides business men traveling around the world with reliable and precise time to perfectly realize business schedules and enjoy leisure time.

Link to hometown
Whether you’re in an airport terminal, on a business trip, or on a beach vacation on the other side of the globe, an automatic GMT time watch can clearly and accurately indicate the home time. Although in a different place, it still maintains a link with his hometown. A more pragmatic use will make it easier for you to contact your relatives, friends, colleagues, and even customers in your hometown without interrupting each other because of the time difference. Frederique Constant’s elegant automatic GMT time watch, in its elegant appearance, not only contains the fine watchmaking craftsmanship of the brand, but also the intimate location for you. Elegant silver dial with machine-engraved decoration and black embossed Roman numerals. Classic Breguet-style hands that keep track of home time, date and local time. The FC-350 automatic movement is equipped with a self-made GMT module and a 38-hour power reserve 42 mm case with stainless steel and rose gold options. The movement works wonderfully, and the dark brown or black leather strap adds elegance to the entire watch.

Luxury at your fingertips
The classic automatic GMT time watch adheres to the brand’s concept of ‘accessible luxury’, allowing you to travel around the world wearing stylish and stylish watches. Frederique Constant is dedicated to bringing you fine watches with elegant appearance and Swiss watchmaking. Today’s travelers, despite their hurry, are still eager to enjoy the perfect GMT watch that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. This elegant timepiece made by Frederique Constant is their ideal choice.

Technical parameters of elegant automatic GMT time watch
Case: Stainless steel / polished stainless steel rose-gold case, 42 mm diameter, silver dial with machine-engraved decoration, curved sapphire glass, see-through case back
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, world time zone
Movement: FC-350 self-winding movement, homemade GMT module, 38-hour power reserve, 28’800 alt / h
Water resistance: 50 meters
Strap: Dark brown leather strap

Mechanical Watches Also ‘jump Seconds’: Panerai Jump Seconds

Estimated price: HK $ 100,000-150,000
Including commission price: 162500 Hong Kong dollars (about 139,750 yuan)
[Overall description]
The case is 42 mm in diameter and 11.5 mm thick. No. D 009/160, model OP 6551, manufactured in 2001, limited to 160 pieces, back cushion case, waterproof, central second hand, jump seconds display, two-piece case in 18K white gold, polished and polished, transparent screw-in watch Back, case back with magnifying glass device to observe the seconds jumping mechanism components, screw-in crown, threaded removable lugs fixed by 4 screws, sapphire crystal, metallic shiny blue dial, blue Arabic numerals 5 minutes / second Clock scale, luminous material filled baton-type hands, 18K white gold Panerai buckle, with certificate.
[Movement configuration]
Chezard 7400, 11 1/2 ” ‘movement, rhodium-plated, 21 rubies, linear lever escapement, Glucydur balance, shock absorber, self-compensating spring, dial, case and movement with signature .
[Phase report]
Case 2 (excellent); dial 1 (basic brand new), hands 01 (original); movement 2 (excellent); expert comprehensive evaluation AAA (excellent).
    Do not think that ‘jumping seconds’ is the patent of quartz watches, mechanical watches also have ‘jumping seconds’, and have a longer history than quartz watches. Mechanical jump seconds have appeared before the pocket watch period before the quartz era. After years of catastrophe, mechanical jump seconds are now more and more valued and loved by people, which also shows that mechanical watches have long been ‘recovering lost ground’ ‘The war was absolutely won and it is in the stage of rapid recovery and development. The form of ‘jumping seconds’ is realized through the interactive movement of a set of gear trains and levers placed between the seconds wheel and the mainspring gear. Panerai also deliberately installed a magnifying glass device in the transparent case back to change this. A structure is displayed.

Nomos Black Frame Watch Introduction

The unique black frame of the Norma series is fascinating, because it has the extreme ‘rd’ 惑 charm, so that it is afraid of the coming of daylight
 Tangente, Tetra, Tangomat: What could be stronger and more indomitable than these watches? What better way to show simple beauty?

 So far, no competitors have emerged–except for unadorned, naked wrists. But now, the above-mentioned NOMOS series watches will provide a new series of dark black and smaller size, matte bezel case, the watch meets the existence of the goal, it seems to be naturally unsatisfied with the idea of ​​’rdquo; ( (From Jean-Paul Sartre, Master of Philosophy). These new products, like other NOMOS Glashutte models, perform as well as they can, but the difference is that the black dial is decorated with a deep black from beginning to end, and the ‘black’ is precisely emphasized to be this watch Personality and point out: the watch is an appliance, the best helper to accompany a lifetime.
 The black case frame coating is attached to the fire-treated stainless steel material, which makes the coating material harder and firmer. It uses a carbon-nitrogen compound called titanium aluminum alloy. The use of this material is not only beautiful, but also necessary. Take more risks: This additional coating is produced by special processing and measurement of PVD deposits, and the thickness is less than one thousandth of a millimeter. Usually this material is generally used on some tools, such as milling cutters. Cutters and drills prevent wear and tear on these tools.

 The prototypes of these watches were hung on the wall of the cellar or in the alcove of the storage room, and were used as industrial machinery to measure water, electricity, and gas consumption. However, during the day, you will realize that these wrists The exquisiteness of the watch will make you unable to hide your love for these watches, and accurately display the rules of measurement and calculation with details. Why are Tangente, Tetra, Tangomat black new names named Norma series? Like the NOMOS brand name, it conveys the spirit of ‘rigorous’ and ‘organization’. Manually wound Tangente Norma and Tetra Norma use NOMOS to develop their own alpha movement. Automatic winding Tangomat Norma uses the epsilon movement. All three watches have a sapphire crystal back cover.

Rado True Radar Phospho Watch

RADO Swiss Radar joins forces with heavyweight companies in the design industry to develop inspiration. Together with Swiss cutting-edge design studio Big-Game, RADO Swiss Radar has created a true series Phospho luminous watch: transparent With this limited edition watch, Big-Game’s iconic design is flawlessly integrated into one of RADO’s most popular watch collections.

 The Rado True Phospho watch has a 40mm black matte high-tech ceramic case, and the bracelet design style complements it. It is full of minimalist style, yet still playful and innovative elements. The black copper dial has a perforated effect through perforation, allowing the Swiss automatic movement below to release the dazzling technical charm. It can be said that the traditional hollow watch design is interpreted in a modern way. The perforation treatment also makes it possible to use the watch’s luminous scale. The gaps are filled with Super-LumiNova, which creates a geometric silhouette. In addition, the hour and minute hands are embellished with Super-LumiNova, while the second hand is completely covered with Super-LumiNova.

 ‘We are in ten minutes to echo the black matte ceramic and the Super-LumiNova luminous coating.’ Three Big-Game designers commented, ‘This color is not only beautiful, but also practical, allowing the wearer to Time can be easily read in dark environments. ‘
 This watch is limited to 1003 pieces, of which 1000 are sold to consumers, while the other three are collected by three designers

 Big-Game has a unique design language and is eager to create products that are fully functional and simple in appearance, while also containing a trace of surprises. Although its design is oriented towards minimalism, the three designers still give a highly distinctive personality to the objects created. This creative ability is perfectly reflected in this RADO True Radiance Phospho watch. in. ‘The key words of this project are minimalism and lightness. Unlike the rich use of materials in the past, this time we decided to design by reducing the materials. The Big-Game designer said,’ We like to create functions that can light people’s lives and have functions And efficient design. For us, an excellent product must not only be practical and refined, but also contain some ingenuity that can give it emotional value. ‘

 ‘As a Swiss pioneering watch brand, we are very honored to cooperate with a company also headquartered in Switzerland, Big-Game, and we are very satisfied with the results of this cooperation.’ Said Mr. Matthias Breschan, Rado Global President ‘The RADO True Rhodium Phospho watch is a work with the characteristics of a typical RADO Swiss Rado. It is an extraordinary product with simplicity, beauty and innovation.’

 RADO Swiss Rado True series Phospho luminous watch is part of the brand’s limited edition watch series launched this year, a number of well-known designers in this series will carry out in-depth cooperation with the brand, and will personal design vision in RADO Switzerland Radar is in the True series.

Hublot Releases The First Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch In Collaboration With Ferrari

To celebrate the debut of the first BIG BANG FERRARI watch with Ferrari in Hong Kong, Hublot specially held a reception and exhibition in the Atrium of The Landmark, Central on October 22 (Monday) meeting.


 Hublot, a Swiss watchmaker, announced in November last year that it had formally formed an alliance with Ferrari, a well-known Italian automaker, to become an exclusive watchmaking partner. To celebrate the debut of the first BIG BANG FERRARI watch with Ferrari in Hong Kong, Hublot specially held a reception and exhibition on October 22 (Monday) in the atrium of The Landmark Central.

(From left): Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, Donnie Yen, Emil Klingelfuss, Chairman of Swiss Prestige Ltd, Eddie Lee, General Manager of Dickson Watches & Jewellery

 Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, shared the common concept of the brand and Ferrari for the guests. The BIG BANG FERRARI MAGIC GOLD watch, which was first displayed in Hong Kong, attracted celebrities in the city, including Zhuang Simin, Guo Yongcong, Wang Jiaen, Yun Weiyi, Gong Yan Wait for support and visits to experience the charm of Hublot’s entry into the Ferrari world. Among them, film superstar Zhen Zidan also came to support and share his love for watches and sports cars.

HUBLOT Chief Executive Ricardo Guadalupe, Yang Luoting

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Donnie Yen

Gong Yue

Guo Yongcong

Wu Shirong, Wang Jiaen

 The BIG BANG FERRARI watch is the first watch of the brand to cooperate with Ferrari. Every place is designed and manufactured according to the basic principles in the DNA shared by Hublot and Ferrari: sports, performance and technology. The entire watch has no useless parts, and its design must fully comply with functionality and rationality. The watch is not only embossed with the Prancing Horse emblem representing Ferrari, but also reflects Ferrari’s characteristics in terms of materials and colors. The new material developed by Hublot is MAGIC GOLD. The case is made of 18K gold with scratch resistance It also corresponds to the characteristics of Ferrari’s advanced technology.

Yun Weiyun

Donnie Yen

 Implementing the theme of ‘Hublot and Ferrari alliance’, in addition to the new Basel watch series and the BIG BANG FERRARI watch this year as highlights, the same day, it also showed the famous Ferrari parts and car models rarely seen in the field, bringing BIG BANG The inspiration for the design of the FERRARI watch is one by one.

Zhu Wenxin

Zhuang Simin

 Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, Chief Executive Officer of Hublot, said: ‘Hublot and Ferrari have many common ideals. Therefore, for the two world-renowned top brands, this comprehensive agreement and new partnership are important for both parties. Milestones. We are very happy to use this event to let friends in Hong Kong and around the world to experience the world of Hublot and Ferrari and appreciate Hublot’s innovative high-tech and unique watches. ‘

Certina Certina Champion Series Ds Podiun Lady Lady Watch Lady Lady Watch

The famous DS Podium champion series adds new vitality members
— DS Podium Lady. Putting on the new DS Podium Champions watch is very elegant, but it does exude a casual taste.

Certina new champion DS Podiun Lady watch
Certina’s new DS Podium Lady Champion series ladies watch has taken a big step forward with its new shape and feminine details. The fully polished 316L stainless steel case is shining, and the round and smooth round bezel is set against a sapphire crystal glass. Each design has been carefully considered to create complete harmony. The lugs that seem to be in harmony with the case bring a pleasing aesthetic touch. Depending on the style, there are black and white straps.

Certina new champion series DS Podiun Lady watch (C025.
In order to make the watch clear and easy to read 24 hours a day, the hour and minute hands and the dots on the inclined minute scale frame around the dial are made of luminous material. The bright and neat white dial cuts out a central area and is painted with beautiful radial patterns. There are two different styles of numbers on the dial, namely Arabic numerals and Roman numerals. Models with Arabic numerals have three Arabic numerals 3, 9, and 12. The hands and hour markers are nickel-plated and are brown and black. Classic models with Roman numerals use standard pure black hands, and the 12 Roman numerals are also pure black. The date window is clear at 6 o’clock. This chronograph provides full chronograph functions including total / segment chronograph and standard chronograph. The chronograph is operated by two buttons located on both sides of the crown. The crown is topped with a HyCeram® stud, which is very feminine. The round studs on the Arabic numerals are white and the roman numerals are black. The DS Podium Lady Champion watch is not only beautiful in appearance, but its precision and reliability can withstand the various tests of women’s busy life, because she applied the concept of Certina DS double insurance. Water-resistant to 100 meters

Certina new champion series DS Podiun Lady watch (C025.
Arabic numerals with white leather straps, Roman numerals with black leather straps, both straps with sturdy butterfly clasps. A stainless steel bracelet is also available. Other models are available, including a three-hand quartz movement with a large date display and a self-winding watch. This watch with a new and unique look is sure to fascinate every lover of feminine watches.
Certina DS PODIUM LADY women’s watch introduction
Podium Lady Presentation
20130111 / 15626.html

Golden Huacai Lights Up The Vitality Of Life – Swiss Beauty Watch Belem Celli Series Pvd Rose Gold Pair Watch

At the end of the year, the moment of reunion of the friends is just like the one in the cup, crystal clear and intoxicating, toasting to make a wish for the future, time condenses into a glorious light and eye-catching in this dark space. With the touch of golden engraving on the wrist for a long time, the magnificent color is the best response to the moment of celebration. The Mido Belem Celli series, which traces its roots to the French Opera in Rennes, inherits the classic design while expressing the nobility and exquisiteness. The new Belem Sairee PVD rose gold pair watch is an exquisite timepiece combining pure craftsmanship and elegant design dedicated by Swiss Mido during special festivals. It will be a gift to the holiday season, and it will look forward to the New Year and the blessing to those who cherish Entrusted to the eye-catching glory. Each circle crossed by the hands implied one perfect wish after another, and the vibrating movement of the ticking movement seemed to be the blessing of sounds that passed by the ear. Melt the warmth into the square inch space, and use the golden color to light up the extraordinary vitality of life.
Warm atmosphere, extraordinary
   Belem Sairee PVD Rose Gold Men’s Watch
   The Mido Belem Sairee PVD rose gold men’s watch is an interpretation of extreme elegance with a thin and light design. A touch of low-key and restrained golden light is the best endorsement of elite men. The ETA2824-2 mechanical movement has a power reserve of more than 38 hours. The 38mm dial is equipped with PVD rose gold scales, which is mapped on the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, which is distinguished and gentle and restrained. Diamond beveled PVD rose gold-plated hands, running endlessly, mirroring the rose gold dial and hands, low-key and restrained. The black calfskin strap is gentle and elegant, shaping and highlighting the unique beauty and noble temperament of the overall model. Water-resistant to 50 meters, with screw-in crown, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror and case back. This watch just continues the classic and simple design of Mido, as well as the low-key and elegant details. Gold represents the light of life, accompanied by clear and powerful pointer rhythms, taking you on a time flight, becoming the protagonist of this space-time travel, expressing a low-key self, an extraordinary life attitude.
Delicate and delicate
   Belem Sairee PVD Rose Gold Ladies Watch
   The 29mm dial of the Mido Berencelli series PVD rose gold ladies watch is slender and exquisite, combining elegant temperament with delicate connotation, writing a soft and gentle feminine movement. ETA2671 mechanical movement, 38-hour power reserve, water-resistant to 50 meters. Inspired by the spark of creativity, this Belém Série collection of ladies’ watches, with its exquisite appearance, delicate and smooth curves, and soft and comfortable color, highlights the elegant and lightness peculiar to women everywhere. The simple scale is perfectly arranged on the three-dimensional arc silver dial. The golden brilliance is eye-catching but not dazzling. Like the owner, it does not apply pink daisies, but it is still clear and touching. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds, and the anti-glare sapphire mirror on both sides makes time easier to read. The transparent back reveals a meticulously crafted automatic movement, which is the embodiment of the intellectual heart of a gentle woman. Every detail of this watch is like the owner, exquisite and delicate, moving.
Technical Information
Belem Sairee PVD Rose Gold Men’s Watch
Movement Mechanical ETA2824-2 movement, 11½’’ diameter, 25.6mm diameter, 4.60mm thickness, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II balance wheel. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display. More than 38 hours of power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated, diameter 38mm, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap Black leather cowhide strap Alligator leather pattern with 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold folding buckle
Dial Silver sunray dial and PVD rose gold independent scale. Day and date window at three o’clock
Hands Diamond Beveled PVD Rose Gold Plated
Retail Price 6,200 RMB
Belem Sairee PVD Rose Gold Ladies Watch
Movement Mechanical movement ETA2671, 7¾ ” ‘, diameter 17.20mm, thickness 4.8mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II balance wheel, hour minute second Function, 38-hour power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated, dial diameter 29mm, double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, transparent back and crown can be seen the carefully crafted movement and serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap Black leather cowhide strap Alligator leather pattern with 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold folding buckle
Dial Silver sunray dial and PVD rose gold independent scale. Week and date window at 4:30
Hands Diamond Beveled PVD Rose Gold Plated
Retail Price 6,200 RMB

Extraordinary Creativity Parmigiani Tonda Metrographe Watch Tasting

Everyone wants to have a timepiece with both functionality and design. As a key magic weapon to master efficiency and time, it is both beautiful and practical, and provides a good direction for its time planning and action. Parmigiani is aiming at this goal and needs to continuously improve its watchmaking and design methods. The classic timepieces manufactured by it have been widely praised, and every timepiece is addictive. In 2016, Parmigiani Tonda set sail again, and designed a stylish new Tonda Metrographe series watch. Among them is the vibrant ‘8’ blue plate shown by the watch editor today. Chronograph. (Watch model: PFC274-0000600-HC3142)

A classic watch with extraordinary creativity in the ‘8’ style chronograph

Watch ‘8’ chronograph design style display

   As one of the most representative new models in the Tonda series, the new generation of the TondaMetrographe watch is more dynamic and incorporates classic watchmaking techniques; it inherits the classic style of the urban style and publicity, and readjusts the chronograph display ratio to make the watch more consistent Modern people have aesthetic characteristics. The new timepieces everywhere highlight the classic elements of fine watchmaking and become the most perfect companion for modern people on the journey of searching for the meaning of life.
   The design of the ‘8’ chronograph is a unique design of Parmigiani, and the two discs are ‘layer-to-pan’ and have a layered sense. Many of the models in the Tonda series are designed for this style, showing the brand’s unique watchmaking and design style from the side, highlighting the fearlessness of Parmigiani as an independent watch brand.
Intriguing classic design

Watch display
   In previous models, Parmigiani usually used monotonous gray, black and white as the main color of the dial. This year’s new blue dial adds color to this series and makes people look bright. The ‘8’ style chronograph dial design, oval-shaped chronograph button, and unique drop-shaped lugs are all highlights of the watch.

Watch case display

   The polished 40 mm stainless steel case has a thickness of 11.7 mm. The lines are smooth, the hand feels more delicate and soft, showing the very detailed details of the watch everywhere, adding color to its viewing.

Watch dial display

   The classic dark blue dial has rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and scales and is covered with a fluorescent coating. The chronograph dial uses the ‘8’ design to show the unique charm of the watch. With practical functions such as timekeeping and date display, show the outstanding practical performance of the watch.
Elegant details

Oval timing button display

Watch crown display

   The stainless steel crown and the full-colored stainless steel chronograph buttons complement each other. They are also polished and have smooth lines and soft feel. The crown is designed with non-slip texture, which makes the operation of the watch more convenient.

‘Drop-shaped’ lug display

   Another feature of the brand watch is the drop-shaped lugs, which are smooth and delicate, which enhances the watch’s recognition and adds its unique charm. The processed lugs emit a unique light and are very beautiful.
The originality of Parmigiani

Watch movement display

   With back-through technology, the movement of the movement can be observed through the transparent back cover. Equipped with Parmigiani’s own PF315 self-winding movement with elements of the Vaucher movement factory. This movement has two barrels and a power savings of approximately 42 hours.

Watch strap display

   With a tensioned Hermès leather workshop carefully crafted calfskin strap, the texture is soft and comfortable to wear. The strap is connected with a folding clasp to ensure the safety of the watch between the wrist and not fall off easily.

Watch overall display

Summary: As one of the very few independent watch brands with their own full production network, its work has always maintained freshness and vitality, just like this exquisite, operational dark blue classic timepiece, such as: The ‘drops’ lugs and ‘8’ style chronograph dials all have many of Parmigiani’s most distinctive brand DNA. Those who like this watch may wish to enter the brand’s physical store for details. Watch price: RMB 98,500

Balman Balmazing Ii Watch-every Eye Is Pleasing To The Eye

In the world, more and more women have taken up leadership positions. The new duties bring them more new freedom and new fun! An example is wearing a watch on your wrist that matches your taste. Such as this Balmazing II watch, it presents the essence of Balmain’s philosophy in an elegant way.

Sophisticated, charming and precise-Baumann’s spirit is fully revealed

   Wherever you mention the perfect collision of taste and know-how, the name Pierre Balmain comes to mind. Pierre Balmain was born in Haute Couture in Paris, and at that time he succeeded in redefining the laws of fashion. Today, the essence of his charm is manifested by Balmain, a watch brand of the Swiss Swatch Group. At the same time, the group has provided Montres Balmain with valuable technical and commercial resources, as well as traditional watchmaking techniques.

   When the irresistible aesthetic elements and the tried and tested watchmaking technology are here, a small and charming jewelry is born, and it is equipped with practical functions that are fully in line with today’s lifestyle.

   Just glance at it and you will be captivated by the charm of this charming watch collection. In fact, who can remain indifferent to the elegant curve of the Bowman Vine dial? The 14 watches in this series embody the essence of the brand’s philosophy, show the innovation and personality of this extraordinary adventure originally born in the field of Parisian fashion, and are pushed to the extreme by Swiss watchmakers. Each model is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement that moves extremely accurately.

   It is the choice of experienced professionals, equipped with a 35 mm diameter, 6.75 mm thick steel or pink PVD case, some cases decorated with a fine diamond crown. Each model is equipped with a black or white mother-of-pearl dial with a modern arabesque, and some dials are generously set with 164 fine diamonds.

   The strap also exudes a delicate touch: a stainless steel model with a flexible link stainless steel strap or a black satin strap, and a pink PVD model with a white or black satin strap.

   Balmazing II series watches have both a successful design and a luxurious atmosphere that is close to the people. Whether it is the present or the long-term future, they will perfectly integrate the essence of these two worlds. Why not put it in your pocket right away?

Technical characteristics
Swiss quartz movement
316L stainless steel case or pink PVD case, 35 mm diameter, 6.75 mm thick, set with 76 Wesselton diamonds (0.29 carat)
Sapphire crystal
Choice of dials: white pearl or black dial with modern arabesques, some dials are set with 164 Wesselton diamonds (0.38 carat)
316L stainless steel strap, black or white satin strap
Water resistance: 50 meters
Suggested selling price: CHF 345-2345